Complete aftermarket support to keep your systems running

Initial pump purchase only accounts for 5% of the pump Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Total Cost of Ownership

Initial selection of pumps takes into account price, reliability and efficiency. The initial cost is only 5% of the Total Cost of Ownership and other factors such as

reliability, actual field efficiency, product support, performance monitoring and training play a vital role in reducing the pump lifetime cost.

Rotating Equipment Repair

We just don’t repair pumps, we fix them.

Customers are satisfied with the repairs but could be paying a lot of money for repeated repairs that are not necessary. Our professional engineers have extensive pumping experience.

We are able to review the mode of failure and suggest changes which will ensure an end to the repeated pump failure. This could involve material upgrades and/or a system review to determine actual pump operation issues.

System Evaluation and Trouble Shooting

With over 60 years of pump and sealing system knowledge we are able to troubleshoot and implement solutions for any pump related issues.

Engineered Replacement Parts

Keep your old equipment running.

Pumps are designed to operate for many years and eventually the product is not supported any more. Customers are then required to install new equipment which sometimes will require major foundation and piping rework.

If the pumps are running fine but the issue is parts availability, then a less costly solution is to supply critical parts for old equipment. We work with the ITT Pro Services division to manufacture obsoleted parts and to keep the old pumps working again.


Pump operator and maintenance staff training is an important part of lowering the Total Cost of Ownership. We are able to supply both local training as well as training at our equipment supplier’s facilities.

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